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shaun blezard - commissions (emp048)

Shaun is a community based audio/visual artist who lives on Barrow Island in Cumbria, UK. He has worked as an artist, musician, producer, composer and workshop leader for the likes of Sonic Arts Network, Welfare State International, The Sage Gateshead, Youth Music, Whitewood & Fleming, Age Concern, Grizdale Arts, Shoreline Films, The Ashton Group, Artifacts, The Word Hoard and Barrow Borough Council.
He is also an experienced live sound technician and sound recordist and runs Earth Monkey Productions

Thumbelina & Erazerbyrd - Written with Mike Willoughby for the soundtrack to the short film The Egg, directed by Steve Wharton.

Lindal Postcard & Grizedale Postcard - Created with pupils from Lindal & Marton Primary School (Lindal Postcard) & Barrow Island Primary School (Grizedale Postcard) as part of Sonic Arts Network project Sonic Postcards

Dybbk & Carmageddon - Written for the soundtrack to Welfare State Internationals community film Braken Hollow

Bedroom, Round and Round & Sleepwalk - Written for the soundtrack to the short film The Paperlad, directed by John Hall

Ann & Phelps - Written for a Furness Enteprise business seminar in the style chat show themes

Footprints Project - Instalation piece commissioned by The Natioan Trust for the opening of the Footprints Project building

Germany Soundscape - Written for a Football Focus feature on football photograher Stuart Clarke during the World Cup in 2006, created in a hotel room in Nurenburg whilst filming a documentary for Homes Of Football. Unused in the end as we couldnt find anywhere to email it to the BBC in time for broadcast

Lets Celebrate - Written with pupils from Brisbane Park Primary School as part of Youth Music project Music Factory - a 3 year music project put together by Barrow Borough Council

Lowick School Of Pop - Written with pupils from Lowick School and poet Ann Wilson as part of the campaign to keep the school open, sadly the school closed and the pupils now have to travel to other schools

Snow White Theme - Written for the Grizedale Arts pantomine Wolfing It Down In The Forest

Soundskank - Remix of recordings from Welfare State Internationals music project Sound Explorers. Written for evaluation CD-Rom

The Secret Garden - Installation piece written with fellow artists John Hall and Ann Wilson with young people in workshops at Forum Twenty Eight in Barrow-in-Furness as part of their Summer Mix project

Tideracer - Written for contempory dance company DARE for LEAP 06 dance festival held in Liverpool.

The Millers Song - Written with young people and poet Ann Wilson as part of Heron Corn Mills Youth Music project Heron Song. This recording is from the final concert.

For more information visit & Shaun Blezard@ Myspace

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